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Can Cats Die From Depression

Depressed cat

Every being that breathes carries emotions. It is the law of nature. Quite harsh as most of the time, all we carry is pain, anger, and vengeance. Animals are no different from humans. Ever wonder why you get attacked by crows near the remains of a dead crow, why cats mourn when male cats eat their kittens for territorial control, or why an elephant never forgets the hunter who killed its cub. It is all because animals feel.

Broken Heart Syndrome Exists in Cats

Can Depression Kill a Cat is indeed a very confusing question? Some believe it, some don’t. However, sound scientific evidence back that cats can die from depression. Ironically quite similar to humans. A medical term known as ‘broken heart’ damages the heart muscles and makes them fragile. As the grief gets in further, the heart continuously weakens until it stops working. Similar to the old lady that died in her sleep after the death of her child or husband. Cats might likely die due to this broken heart syndrome, or they might run away and get killed indirectly.

The Severe Depression Symptoms in Cats

stressed cat

I guess no cat parent is so harsh that pushes these feeble creatures into killer depression. Though, cats do feel sad when a fellow cat passes away or relocates. Other than that, cats are like toddlers that demand love, play, and affection. However, cats are aloof and seldom show what they are feeling. You never know whether your cat is happy or feeling sad. Identifying the behavior pattern is important.

The following character behaviors are a good indication to check if the cat is feeling depressed or not. Moreover, the points mentioned are closely related to the severe form of mental distress.

Decrease in Appetite: It is observed that cats tend to lessen their diet when feeling depressed. It is because mental fatigue tends to stop them from eating.

More Solitude and Sleep: Many cats tend to find solace in quiet places in the room to spend some time to get over the grief and occupy some personal time. It is good for a couple of days, but an alarming situation if it continues longer than that.

cat sleeping

Change in Vocal Patterns: Cats show different behavior when subjected to sadness or depression. Some cats whine loudly at night, while some cats tend to go in a state of continuous silence. Research shows that cats who let their feelings out are more likely to survive than those cats that tend to go into a silent state.

Lick Granuloma: Lick Granuloma is a skin rash that is caused by severe linking and grooming. Cats, when reaching a deep state of depression, demand more love and attention. When their parents do not provide for it, they tend to fill that space by caring for themselves and developing these rashes.

cat licking his paw

Cat Disappearance: Cat disappearance is one of the fatal forms of depression. It means that the cat has also crossed forms of despair and sadness, and nothing will be able to cure it.

Most Importantly

It is worth mentioning that cats when in severe depression, tend to stop eating. This develops a health condition known as fatty liver disease, which e damages the liver and eventually results in death. Cats may start panting in stress and depression too.

Many Consider It Nothing

Many cat parents consider that cat depression has no effect on cats’ life and health. Many claim it to be a false report. However, several cat death cases in the US have been reported on cats that have been suffering from depression in past. Don’t let your cat get trapped in the pitfall of depression. The more time it spends there, the more difficult it is to rescue it. You can check this cat depression cure guide.

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