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Can Cats Die From Chocolate?

Cat eating

Eating chocolate brownie in front of your cat, and now your cat wants to taste it too? You see their eyes craving for it. You cannot help yourself and give them what they want? Before giving them those mouth-sweetening, deliciously tempting items, read this article to know whether it is beneficial for them or not. Can Cat die by eating chocolate or is it a myth?

Cats usually do not have any sweet tooth like dogs, but if they start liking it, there is no going back to other foods. However, these chocolaty items are worthy only for your cravings. Not for your cats. Like canines, the cats also face difficulty eating chocolate. Do you know the fact that every cat’s parent asks many questions like what to do if cats lend their eyes to chocolate? Is chocolate good for cats? What to do if they eat it? What are the symptoms that we can get after they eat? What problems do they face when cats ate chocolate? Answers to all of these questions are below. Just keep your cravings hideous from your feline friends.

Compatibility of 2 C’s

The two C’s cats and chocolates are challenging. Usually, if you are eating a bar of chocolate and your cat sees it. There would generally be no such response as the dog would show. But, if you are eating chocolate made of milk or any other ingredient and your cat likes that ingredient. It is going to run you over for tasting it.

But what about the ice cream with a few amount of chocolate? It is a no for that too. You never know what might happen to the cat. Do you know, How much chocolate will kill a cat? Generally, the intake of chocolate might be problematic to felines’ stomachs and can cause diarrhea. But if the cat takes chocolate in a significant amount, there might be chocolate poisoning. That may lead to coma or death.

Least to Worst Chocolate Compatibility

White chocolate is okay to eat since it does not have any dangerous elements like methyl-xanthine in it.

Milk chocolate is harmful but not much.

Bittersweet chocolate is the 3rd one to eat that is more harmful than milk chocolate. But, if the cat eats in less volume there is nothing to worry about.

Dark chocolate, bitter chocolate, and cocoa powder are dangerous for the health of your cat. You should avoid giving them to your cats at any cost. It is far more Theobromine content as compare to the chocolates listed above.

The Reason for Incompatibility

The elements present in the chocolate that are dangerous for the cat’s body are Methylxanthine (mainly Theobromine and Caffeine). These chocolate ingredients make it easier for the human body to digest it, but on the other hand, it poses an impossibility for a cat body to digest. That is why the cats cannot eat chocolates, or even we cannot risk giving them a few volumes. No one knows the exact proportion of the chocolate that can pose serious health problems for cats and may even cause death.

Indicators of Chocolate Poisoning

cat felling unwell

If your feline takes any item of chocolate, it may show the sign within 06 to 12 hours. These signs may be last up to three days or even four. It depends upon the digestive system of your furball.

Significant symptoms that the tiny player may show are:

  • Restlessness in some cases and hyperactivity in other cases
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Increased urination or water intake
  • Rapid breathing
  • Increased heart rates
  • Muscle tremors (in severe cases may lead to seizures and death)

These signs are visible in all the cats. Some cats are tolerant of these methylxanthines than others. However, if you see any of the symptoms mentioned above. Call your vet and inform on an urgent basis.

Remedies When a Cat Eat Chocolate

The home remedy for the treatment when your cat eats chocolate is to induce vomiting. It is better to do it straight away before taking it to the vet. The best way for this is to take a syringe and inject your cat with 30 ml of hydrogen peroxide. And do this under the supervisory call or video chat of your vet, or it can cause ulcers in its stomach. It is better to take it to the vet as soon as possible.

Information Needed to Tell Vet

Before going to the vet, make sure you know the following information. It will make it easier for the vet to treat your cat.

  • The type and amount of the chocolate that the cat ate
  • The wrapper of the chocolate (if any)
  • The weight of your cat
  • The size of your cat
  • Signs you noticed after ingestion
  • The time of ingestion (if you know)

The vet will run some tests for the toxicity level, and he may use activated charcoal if the toxicity levels are too high. After complete treatment, give simple food for few days. Take proper care of the cat. Make sure not to let the cat out of the house and consume chocolate again. Follow all the guidelines provided by the vet.

Preventive Measures

Keep an eye in cat

Always keep your eyes on your cat, particularly the playful ones. It is usually not possible that the cat might get attracted to the chocolate. But still, prevention is better than cure. Keep the chocolaty stuff out of reach of your cats.

Alternative Options for Chocolates

You can use many other options instead of giving chocolate to your furball. You may proffer them chocolate treats for cats. It will not only be used as their appetizer but also for their nutrients enrichment. Give snuggies to your kitties. They will forget every other treat. It is not always about food for them. It is about cuddles, too.


Every animal is different from others. Their bodies are made differently. Do not make your cat eat the things you are craving. And do not assume they will make them strong and healthy too. Items that are good for you might prove hazardous for cats as chocolates are.

Keep visiting Vet on regular basis. Ask the vet before adding anything to the cat menu, and take good care of your babies!

Note: This article is written for informational purposes only. Consult the vet urgently if the cat eats chocolate.

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