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Best Brush for Persian Cats

Having a Persian cat at your home comes up with greater responsibility to keep it clean and ensure that its fur remains healthy and cleaned. Are you taking your cat to a professional groomer once or twice a month for grooming? If yes, then I have good news for you.

There are different long-haired Persian cat brushes that you only need to buy once and forget to take your fur baby to a groomer and save your precious time and money along with keeping your Persian cat safe from taking unwanted stress of meeting new people.

Persian cats have long fur, which gets knots and tangles quickly. Well, you don’t have to worry about that as this article will help you find the best brush for your Persian cats. You can comb your cat’s fur daily or thrice a week, and that’s it; your Persian cat is safe from all sorts of tangles and knots without any effort.

Combing your cat’s fur daily is essential for keeping him clean and healthy and improving the cat’s fur by making it more longer and shinner. To make your Persian look all dolled up, use one of the cat’s brushes recommended below, and keep your cat safe from tangles, knots, and mats. You might be wondering that it would be challenging to brush your Persian cat at home. Trust me, the brushes I would recommend you will give your fur baby massage that he will himself want you to brush him daily.

Quick Comparison Table

BrushBristlesHandleFor Skin Type
Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker BrushFine bent wires bristlesAnti-slip handlePrevents irritation in all skin types
Pet Grooming Tool – 2 Sided Undercoat RakeSharp inner side teeth to remove knotsErgonomic handlePrevents irritation in all skin types
GoPets Dematting CombDouble-sided pet combSilicon filled handleBest for sensitive skin
Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker BrushFine bent wire bristlesEasy to grip and handle with a buttonPrevents irritation in all skin types
Pet Grooming Brush
Deshedding Tool
4-inch long removable comb bladeErgonomic handleFor all skin types
Kingtree Cat Self GroomerSoft plastic bristleErgonomic handlePrevents irritation in all skin types
Pecute Dematting Comb Grooming Tool KitTwo sets of different bristles spacingErgonomic handleFor all skin types
Groomer’s Best Small
Slicker Brush
Sturdy and thin bristlesErgonomic handlePrevents irritation in all skin types

Eight Best Persian Cat Brushes in our View

Best Brush for Persian Cats

There are numerous cat brushes in the market that might confuse you in picking up the one best for your Persian breed cat. To help you in this situation, I have selected the eight best brushes that will be safer to use, and your cat will also love them. There are numerous things to notice while purchasing a slicker brush for your cat. The main thing to notice is the pointed bristles that might scratch your Persian cat’s skin. The brushes I have chosen are all safer to use, and thus pick one of your choices without any worry of the cat getting scratches.

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Prominient Features
• Fine bent wires bristles
• Anti-slip handle
• Comfort grip
• A button to retract bristles and make cleaning super easy
• Manufacturer: Hertzko
• Product dimensions: 5.8 x 3 x 10 inches
• Product’s weight: 3.2 ounces

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

The slicker brush would be your perfect choice as it gives a relaxing grooming time to your cat as it will gently remove the excess hairs from your cat, removes all the knots, tangles, and dirt in a way that your cat feels no discomfort or scratch.

The brush’s bristles are made super fine that it goes deep into your cat’s coat and ensures that your Persian cat is deep cleaned, making it the best long-haired Persian cat brush. Another best quality about this brush is the ease with which it could be cleaned. Press the button, and the bristles will retract back, and you can clean the fur, and that’s it, the brush is ready to use again.

• Easy to grip
• Durable
• Easy to clean
• Cleans undercoat of your pet
• It prevents scratching the pet’s skin
• The bristles could get damaged
• The button of the brush is not as durable as it must be

Pet Grooming Tool – 2 Sided Undercoat Rake

Prominient Features
• Two teeth sides
• Sharp inner side teeth to remove knots
• Anti-slip grip
• Rust stainless steel teeth
• Manufacturer: Pat Your Pet
• Product Dimension: 6.8 x 3.6 x 1.1 inches
• Product’s weight: 5.6 Ounces

Pet Grooming Tool - 2 Sided Undercoat Rake

Do you have long-haired cats and are worried about making them clean by removing mats, tangles, and knots? Your concern is now over, as I have found the best Persian cat grooming brush that you and your cat will love. The brush is Pet grooming tool- 2 sided undercoat Rake by Pat your Pet that removes all the dirt from your pet’s fur with just one brush.

The 2-in-1 dual-head brush has nine teeth side at one head to remove the toughest tangles and mats and has 17 teeth sides at the other head for deshedding and thinning. The dual-head gives your Persian cat’s long hair a professional look without any difficulty, as your cat will enjoy the relaxing brushing this brush provides.

The outside teeth are gentle and soft so that no scratches will appear on your cat’s skin, while the inner brushes are slightly sharp to remove tangles but will not cut the skin of your cat. The rush removes the dead undercoat to stop shedding, which helps in better fur and shinner coat of your pet. Forget about the need for a professional groomer after buying the cat brush by Pat your Pet as you can easily handle the brush and your cat while brushing, which will save your brushing time and make your home free from your pet’s hairs.

• Prevents skin irritation
• Easy to handle
• It gives a professional grooming look
• Comfortable for pet
• It makes fur healthier, shinner, and long
• Bristles get damaged
• Pulls fur of the pet

GoPets Dematting Comb

Prominient Features
• Double-sided pet comb
• Silicon filled handle
• Stainless steel blades
• Manufacturer: GoPets
• Product Dimension: 8.9 x 2.5 x 1.4 inches
• Weight: 3.52 Ounces

GoPets Dematting Comb

Are you one of those who have cats and are tired of their matting issue and need to visit a groomer? Well, to save your money and time, I have figured out the best brush for your cat by GoPets named GoPets de-matting comb that will give your pet a look that could only be possible by a professional.

GoPets has manufactured a de-matting comb that can remove all the tangles and mats from your pet without any effort. The cat brush by GoPets is not just for de-matting or detangling, but the double-sided brush has the unique capability to stop shedding from the pet and helps to comb the undercoat of your pet through its higher density side. The comb is convenient to handle and has teeth that ensure that your pet does not feel any pain of hair pulling and would enjoy combing because of the relaxing experience it provides. It is suitable for all skin types, and thus you can easily buy the de-matting brush without any worry.

• No irritation
• Best for sensitive skin
• Relaxes pet with dull, rounded ends
• Gives professional outlook
• Helps in the growth of hairs
• Not the best choice for long-haired pets
• Not durable
• Handle’s quality is not satisfactory

Ruff ‘N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Prominient Features
• Stainless steel comb
• Sharp and safe nail clipper
• Fine bent wire bristles
• Fine teeth of the comb
• Round shape bristles
• Manufacturer: Ruff’N Ruffus
• Package Dimensions: 7.5 x 6 x 2.5 inches
• Product’s weight: 10.41 ounces

Ruff 'N Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

What if I tell you about a highly affordable slicker brush that is not only of excellent quality but it gives a nail clipper and a comb for free? You might think this is not possible, but Ruff’N Ruffus is actually providing all these grooming materials along with the brush without compromising the quality of the brush under the product’s name Ruff’N Ruffus self-cleaning slicker brush.

The cat brush’s function is the simplest yet most effective as it removes all the dander, knots, tangles, and excessive hairs from your pet. The cat comb with this brush is of stainless steel that eliminates extra hairs and goes into your pet’s undercoat, giving it a relaxing massage.

The third free item with this brush is the nail clipper that is safe and durable with enough sharpness to cut the nail’s required length. The safety stop helps not to cut extra nails and hurt your cat, and the handle is also ergonomic to ensure that you do not harm your pet. The brush, comb, and nail clipper could be used on both cats and dogs but is the best for Persian cat grooming. The items are safe and easy to use, durable, and long-lasting, making them the perfect pick for you.

• Prevents scratches
• It gives a professional grooming look
• Easy to clean
• Comfortable for your pet
• Easy to grip and handle with a button
• Not an ideal brush for long-haired pets
• The handle of the brush is not durable

Pet Grooming Brush-Deshedding Tool

Prominient Features
• 100mm Stainless steel blade
• Ergonomic handle
• 4″ long removable comb blade
• Free dog care eBooks
• Rust resistant
• Manufacturer: Pet Neat
• Product Dimensions: 7.76 x 4.88 x 1.3 inches
• Product’s Weight: 4.66 ounces

Pet Grooming Brush-Deshedding Tool

You need to pay extra attention to your long fur pets; otherwise, they might end up having mats, tangles, and knots that are not only painful for them but for you as well to clean them. To prevent your cat from such a situation, Pet Neat has manufactured a pet grooming brush-de-shedding tool that not only removes tangles, dead hairs, and knots of your pet but also ensures that it does not come back.

The cat brush has removable greyhound combs that, on daily combing, eliminates the chances of tangles and knots in your cat, which makes your petting duty easier as you need to spend a few minutes brushing your pet.

The brush is the best shedding tool with a blade with a cover to safely remove all the excess hairs from your pet and help in your Persian cat’s healthier and shinner fur, which you will adore. The Persian cat grooming tool also helps prevent allergies in your Persian cat by safely reaching the cat’s undercoat and removes all the dirt from it. The brush claims to remove 95% of dead hair, which means no hairs on your furniture, clothes, or food, which might be your biggest wish as a pet owner.

Buy the grooming brush and enjoy a clean and healthier life for your cat and your house since there will be no pet shedding. Also, enjoy reading the pet care books as a gift by Pet Neat and become a better pet parent.

• Long-lasting de-shedding tool
• Removes all the excessive hairs within minutes
• For all fur types
• Gets into undercoat of the pet
• It gives a shinner and healthier coat
• The size of the brush is tiny.
• Short and fine bristles sometimes do not take excessive hair out.

Kingtree Cat Self Groomer

Prominient Features
• Soft plastic bristles
• Plastic base
• Mounted on walls
• Manufacturer: Kingtree
• Product Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 2.1 inches
• Product’s Weight: 2.22 ounces

Kingtree Cat Self Groomer

In a busy everyday life, it becomes difficult for cat owners to get their pet groom timely. To solve this issue, Kingtree has come up with a cat self-groomer that is a self-grooming tool.

You might be wondering how cats could self-groomed themselves. The product is unique in itself as you just need to fix the two brushes on flat surfaces or corners with screws or stickers, and your cat will by themself go to the brush and rub their body on it, which will remove the dead hairs from the cat.

The long-haired Persian cat brush by Kingtree ensures that you do not worry about your cat’s fur or the cleanliness of your house. When your long fur cat rubs his body against the brush, it will feel like a massage, and all the dead hairs will stick into the brush, which you could clean easily by disassembling the brush and then placing it back. The product comes in a pack of 2 greyhound combs so that you can place one for the body and one for the cat’s four paws. For daily usage and to prevent shedding, the brush will be the best pick not only for you but also for your cat.

• Works like a massager for the pet
• Self-grooming tool
• Long-lasting
• Easy to clean
• Pack of 2
• Eco-friendly
• Screws are smaller that they do not get fixed into the wall.
• The surface is a bit harder for small fur pets.

Pecute Dematting Comb Grooming Tool Kit

Prominient Features
• Two sets of teeth
• 12 teeth side for tangles
• 23 teeth side for de-shedding and thinning
• Inside is sharper to remove mats
• Different teeth spacing
• Stainless steel blades
• Ergonomic handle
• Manufacturer: Pecute
• Product Dimensions: 7.87 x 5.91 x 1.18 inches
• Product’s Weight: 6.72 ounces

Pecute Dematting Comb Grooming Tool Kit

Having a product that is effective for any fur-related issue of your cat is what you will love the most. Many products claim to be complete a grooming tool for your pet, but the one I adore the most is the product by Pecute named Pecute de-matting comb grooming tool kit.

The grooming kit consists of the best brush for persistent tangles and mats without causing any irritation to your pet. Persian cats have long hairs, and the chances of mats and tangles are relatively high in them. The brush would be the best pick for such cats as it goes into the undercoat of long fur cats with rounded bristles to ensure that grooming does not hurt the cat.

The kit also consists of a Persian cat comb means ideal for long fur cats. It stops shedding by removing all the loose hairs and hairballs so that your house remains clean from your pet’s coats.

The cat comb can be used daily or thrice a week as per your convenience, and it will detach all the excessive coats of your pet and stimulates the skin by going into the undercoat, helping in a healthier and shinner fur baby. No matter if you have a long or a short hair cat, the grooming kit will work best on any type. Buy the grooming kit by Pecute for once and enjoy professional grooming results for a more extended period.

• Multipurpose
• Prevents scratching
• Rustless
• Easy to grip
• Gives professional results
• Best for all hair types
• The brush gets stuck into pet hairs
• Pulls permanent hairs

Groomer’s Best Small Slicker Brush

Prominient Features
• Stainless steel bristles
• Sturdy and thin bristles
• Ergonomic handle
• Bristles are covered with plastic to avoid sharpness
• Distributes natural oil
• Manufacturer: The Hartz Mountain Corporation
• Product Dimensions: 3.25 x 1.63 x 9 inches
• Product’s Weight: 2.4 ounces

Groomer's Best Small Slicker Brush

Who would not want to get free from their fur babies’ daily shedding and want their pets’ long healthy fur? Keeping in mind the needs of pet owners, The Hartz mountain corporation has manufactured Groomer’s best small slicker brush that is ideal to stop shedding and tangles. 

The lightweight slicker brush is more comfortable to handle and helps to remove small mats from your cat. It distributes natural oil around the cat’s skin, which helps develop a healthier and shiny fur coat.

The bristles are also protectively coated so that the pets experience no scratches or irritation and enjoy the grooming time. The brush gently removes tangles and dead hairs from the fur, ensuring that the cats experience a professional grooming experience. One of the best parts about the brush is that cats love the bristles’ softness, making the pet owner’s work more manageable as the cat quickly lays down and allows the owner to brush its fur. The brush removes a large amount of fur every time, ensuring no de-shedding of the coat other than while brushing, making the house free from your pet’s hairs.

• Prevents shedding
• Easy to handle
• Lightweight
• It makes fur healthier and shinner
• Relaxes pets
• Brushing requires extra care as sometimes it detaches permanent hairs, and if done with a light hand, it does not even remove the excessive hairs.

Buyers Guide – Things to know before you buy Brush for your Persian Cat

Soft and Round Bristles

You will not want your cat to get scratched while combing. Therefore, always choose those brushes that have soft and round bristles covered with plastic. Soft bristles do not mean that they get broken after combing for once, but it means they are soft while combing, and the tops are not pinpointed, so cats enjoy combing. Otherwise, your Persian cat will never let you comb his fur. The edges should be round and balanced so that they cut tangles and knots but do not deep cut the skin of your cat.

Reduces Shedding

You must buy a multipurpose cat brush so that you end up saving your money. There are cat brushes that not only help you in removing dirt from the fur, but their daily combing also stops the shedding of your cat’s hair. This means that whenever you comb your Persian cat’s fur, all the loose hairs will come out at once, and then there will be no shedding in the house till the next combing session.

Eliminates Chances of Knots and Tangles

Having a cat brush that can help you brush your cat daily will be the biggest blessing for you. Choose a cat comb that eliminates all the knots, tangles, mats, and other dirt from your cat without hurting him, and that ensures that your cat does not get them back if you comb the fur daily with the brush. The brushes I have mentioned above are all those that will not let the cat’s fur get dirty again on daily combing. Therefore, choose such a brush that you only need to roughly comb your cat every day, eliminating all chances of mats and tangles.

Support Healthier and Shinner fur

Persian cats are not only combed to remove dirt from their fur but it has been done for better blood circulation. Thus, choose a brush with which you can easily comb your Persian cat’s hair and promote proper blood circulation so that the fur of your Persian cat gets longer, healthier, and shinner. Some brushes can distribute the natural oil of the cat all over the fur, which makes the fur look cleaner. Those brushes are mainly known for stopping the fur from getting into tangles and knots again, thus make sure to buy one of such brushes.

Massaging Experience

Your cat will never tolerate such activities on him, which he won’t like. It would be best if you give extra attention while selecting a brush for your cat so that your Persian cat remains relaxed while combing. Some brushes give the cat a massaging experience that has been enjoyed by the cats and make them relaxed. You need to choose one such brush so that your cat allows you to comb him so that its fur remains clean and protected from all dirt. Some brushes are specially designed keeping in mind the cat’s comfort and hence choose one of those that gives a relaxation time to your cat so that the cat gets himself comb happily.


How Often do you need to Brush your Persian Cat?

Persian cats have long hairs that need to be combed daily if you want the fur to be healthier and shinner with no tangles and knots. If it is difficult for you to comb your cat daily, comb him at least thrice a week to ensure that all the knots, tangles, and loose hairs get removed from the cat’s fur.

Is brushing important for a cat?

Like hair brushing is essential for humans, a Persian cat’s fur must be Persian cat dedicated shampoos and combed; otherwise, it will get stuck with knots, hairballs, tangles, and mats. Cats like to remain clean, and thus when you comb your cat, his fur will remain clean, which will be enjoyed by the cat.

What is Slicker Brush for a cat?

Slicker brushes are brushes for long-haired Persian cats as they have thin curved bristles. The bristles have the capability to enter into the undercoat of a Persian cat and remove all the dirt from it. These types of brushes are ideal for preventing matting, tangles, knots, and shedding of fur from Persian cats.

How to keep a cat safe from Matting?

You need to gently comb your cat’s fur and remove the mats slowly and calmly so that your cat does not get hurt. Slicker brushes are the best for removing mats. Just moisturize the area of the cat’s fur as a mat and comb it slowly to remove it. For keeping your cat safer in the future from mats, comb your cat daily or thrice a week

Final Verdict

The above-reviewed brushes are the best brushes for Persian cats that help prevent mats, tangles, knots, danders, and shedding from a cat. The brushes provide a similar grooming experience as given by the professionals without much effort and time.

You can buy any of the brushes mentioned above based on the type of your cat’s fur and the bristles you like without worrying about the quality and efficiency of these brushes. There are multiple factors to look at while buying a brush for your cat based on your cat’s specifications and nature so that you don’t end up buying the wrong brush. Keep one thing in mind, brushing your Persian cat is very important for a healthier coat and keeping it safe from dirt and shedding. Avoid taking your cat to a professional groomer when you have these brushes available that can provide similar results as that of a professional. You just need to pick the right one and apply the proper technique, and that’s it; your cat’s fur is all ready to shine and grow longer.

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