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Best Way to Remove Cat Hair from Clothes

Cat with Long Hair

Furs only look good when they are not on your clothes. You can see almost 8 out of every 10th people loving the goofy fur-balls a.k.a cats. But love for them doesn’t let us keep our distance from them or maybe their love for us? But love makes us bear something, isn’t it?

So every pet lover can resonate their feelings with me when it comes to their hair spread all over the clothes, carpets, furniture, or any other fabric. For the fact, we love those cats moving around, sleeping around and playing on the couches. Their hairs can cause much embarrassment. There is no way we can prevent cat hair shedding, but there are ways to remove them from the clothes.

The D-W-D Trick

Long Hair cat

Cats usually have a season in which they shed themselves. And that shedding is to a certain level. Excessive shedding signifies that you need to go to the vet. However, we can control the normal shedding by routine combing of the cat. What is a better way to groom them with a minute-taking brushing? Cats are going to love it!

Now, here comes the D-W-D trick. Which means “Dry” then “Wash” then “Dry” again. Let me explain it. When we put the clothes in the washer directly, the cat hair cleaves with the fiber of the cloth. They can also clog the drain by becoming clumps and sticking to the duct. The D-W-D trick has the following steps

1st step

You have to remove the hair with your hands as much as you can. You can use scotch tape or rubber gloves for this purpose too. The rubber gloves need to be wet to let the lint and hair get attached to the gloves. You can rinse the hair off the gloves later simply. After it, the cloth is shaken to let the cat hair get off.

2nd step

Then, toss the cloth into a dryer with a colder setting. It helps with the loosening of the cat hair from the fabric by making the fabric softer. You can also use the dryer sheets that help with the detaching of the hair from cloth. The dryer sheets have some static property that helps to unstick the cat hair.

If there is some particular cloth covered with the cat hair, put it again into the dryer along with the dryer sheet. All the cat hair will be stuck into the lint trap of the dryer. Make sure to clean the filter every time you turn off the dryer and midway through the cycle.

3rd step

Throw those softened clothes in the washing machine. Some quantity of alcohol/ white vinegar can also be utilized while washing to rinse off the remaining hair from the clothes. After getting done with it, make the washer go round an empty cycle to remove any hair left behind. You would not want your laundry to go overload next time.

Dry the clothes again. And you are good to go!

Preventive Measures

Cat hair on Clothe

Some ways can are adoptable not to let the bundle of hair making your clothes all furry. One of them is using a lint roller soon after you finish snuggling up with your cat. Moreover, place them in your back pocket every time to avoid the furry badge of honor.

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