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Best Way to Remove Cat Hair from Carpet

cat on carpet

Cat hair fall has always been a tough job to handle. Especially if you have a long-haired cat such as Maine Coon or Ragdoll, you fill find cat hair everywhere on clothes, rags, and furniture. Moreover, cats love to lay around, crouch, and enjoy their cozy moments. It is aesthetically quite pleasing, but it does make a mess, especially in the summer season when cats tend to lose some hair.

Cat Hair Gets Tangled With Carpet Fiber

Cat hair can easily get tangled with the fabrics of the carpet. Once mixed, it is not possible to separate them.  Moreover, dampness also makes this bond stronger. It’s also a big chance that some hair particles get mixed with food, or that a small child might swallow cat dander or hair. Being a cat parent, you must take additional care of cat hair fall problems and do your best to reduce shedding.

How to Remove Cat Hair on Carpet

Cat hair can also make your carpet dirtier and smellier. Different ways can be used to remove hair on the mat. These methods can help to remove cat hair on the carpet. Although, the cleaning action majorly depends upon the type of carpet used.

The major tricks that can be used to remove hair on the carpet include the following:

Use a Rubber Glove: Rubber gloves serve as an excellent household trick to remove cat hair on the carpet. Just put these gloves on and rub the carpet. Since rubber is a suitable adhesive, all cat hair gets clung to the gloves.

Remove hair on carpet

Use a Carpet Rake: A carpet rake is a great choice to remove cat hair on the carpet. To remove cat hair drag the brush along the breadth of the carpet. This serves well but does not work to remove those stubborn cat hair.

Use Baking Soda: Baking soda extracts are widely used to remove those sticky cat hair that does not clean up with a vacuum cleaner. Just sprinkle the baking soda on the mat and clean it with a vacuum cleaner. The baking soda will make the hair less sticky and even deodorize the carpet.

Use a Window Squeegee: Squeegee for cat hair has been considered the best way to remove cat hair on the rugs. The method is straightforward and effective. Roll the device to catch up on that curly hair that is not removed by regular carpet rakes.

Use the Balloon Method: Interestingly, the use of balloon method has become very famous to remove cat hair on the carpet. For this purpose, blow up the balloon and rub it tightly against the surface of the rug. The flow of static charges from the balloon attracts cat hair, pulling them from the carpet more effectively

Use a Pet Vacuum Cleaner: When all the tricks to remove those stubborn cat hair have failed. It’s time to buy a vacuum cleaner for pets. These specialized cleaners serve as a great option to remove cat dander and as well as other allergens.

Vacuum cleaner

Is Consuming Cat Hair Dangerous

Scientifically, no health hazards have been observed by swallowing cat hair. However, stomach issues are often observed when people consume cat dander. Precaution is, therefore, necessary and is only possible when cat parents properly groom their cats and clean their carpets more thoroughly.

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