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Best Cat Clippers for Nails

Cat Nails

Being a cat parent is not an easy job. Felines are independent creatures that do not like anyone’s help no matter what the situation is. The most prominent example is their strictly No attitude towards grooming, which is the most challenging job for cat caretakers.

Cats just hate grooming. Although they require it as equally as other creatures but still they will never allow you to groom them patiently, especially when it comes to nail clipping.

Our fur babies can never understand how important it is to trim their nails regularly for them as well as for our house furniture and wooden flooring. With such an attitude by cats, it is necessary to have a nail clipper that can make the nail clipping job a bit easier.

There are hundreds of nail clippers in the market, each claiming to be the best in business. You do not need to individually research each clipper as I have mentioned here the best cat clippers for nails, each having their unique quality and feature so that you can select the most suitable one for you.

You will not only find the best clippers for cat nails in this article, but I will also help in understanding the features that one should look forward to when buying a cat clipper so that you buy nothing but the best.

Quick Comparison Table

ProductsKey FeaturesPrice
Gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail
Clippers and Trimmers
Sharp blades, safety stop blades,
Non slip ergonomic handle,
Stainless steel blades
Pet Republique Cat
Nail Clippers 
Thick blades,
Curved blades,
Stainless steel material
CleanHouse Pets Dog and
Cat Nail Clippers
Stainless steel blades,
Safety guard,
Built-in safety switch,
Sharp blade clippers 
Pet Nail Clippers for
Small Animals  
Semi-circle edge of scissors, Sharp blades,
Stainless steel material, Rubberised coating
JOFUYU Cat Nail Clippers
and Trimmer 
Stainless steel blades, Thick blades,
Sharp blades, Semi-circular design,
Rubberized handles 
Gorilla Grip Professional
Pet Nail Clippers 
Stainless steel, 3.5 mm blades, Filer,
Safety guard, Ergonomic handle,
Silicon grip, Sharp blades 
Epica #1 Best Professional
Pet Nail Clipper 
Semi circular blades, Stainless steel material,
Sharp edges, Safety mode,
Rubber coated handles 
Safari Professional Stainless
Steel Nail Trimmer 
Sharp blades, Stainless steel material,
Semi circle edges, Rubber coated handles,
Locking blades, Vinyl-covered handles 
H&H Pets Professional
Cat Nail Clipper  
Stainless steel blade, Sharp blade,
Hypoallergenic, Slip-proof handle coating
JW Pet Company GripSoft
Cat Nail Clippers 
Small blades, Sharp blades, Shorter length
Non-slip rubber handle, Semi circle edges 

10 Best Products in our View

Nail clippers are very tricky and might harm your cat if you do not pick the right one. Some nail clippers are extraordinarily sharp in that they cut the veins in the nail, whereas some have extra dull blades, that you need to clip the clipper multiple times before finally succeeding in cutting a nail.

You do not have to worry about all this, as I have selected the ten best cat nail clippers available with their genuine review on Amazon so that you do not end up wasting your money or accidentally damage your cat.

Gonicc Dog & Cat Pets Nail Clippers and Trimmers

Prominient Features
Stainless Steel & Sharp blades
Non-Slip Ergonomic handles
Nail filer
Dimensions & Weight 8.1 x 3.4 x 1 inches & 5.28 ounces

Gonicc Cat Nail calipper for cats

If you are one of those cat parents whose cat does not even like to stay in your lap for a minute and you find it at most difficult to cut your cat’s nails, then buy Gonnic dog and cat pets nail clippers.

The cat nail clipper by Gonnic has sharp blades that ensure complete removal of nails in one press so that you require less time in nail clipping and your cat does not feel any discomfort. The nail clipper is sharp, yet it has a safety stop blade that will allow you to safely cut the required length of the nail without any hassle.

However, one issue with this nail clipper is that you will need to put a lot of force into pressing the clipper that sometimes annoys a person, especially when the cat is out of control. Still, with a safety stop, the chance of deep clipping of nails minimizes, which I guess is the best thing.

The nail clipper has tough competition from the brand Pets First; still, the nail clipper by Gonnic outclasses its competitor product due to the sharpness of the blade, which is unbeatable.

One of the best parts about the nail clipper by Gonnic is the hidden nail file that allows you to at least file your cat’s sharp nails to protect your furniture and flooring if the pet does not allow you to cut her nails.

If you have children in your house who want to do all your pet’s related work, then the nail clipper by Gonicc is one of the best choices as it has unlocked protection that will maintain the safety of your child and your cat’s nails.

Easy to hold
Unlock protection
Non-slip handles
A lot of force is required to press the blades.
Not for small dogs

Pet Republique Cat Nail Clippers

Prominient Features
Stainless Steel, Thick & Sharp blades
Noiseless Calipper
Dimensions & Weight: 6.42 x 3.46 x 0.31 inches & 1.12 ounces,

Pet Republique Nail Clippers for cats

Pet Republique Cat nail clippers are among the best nail clippers for cats and small breeds of pets. The nail clippers are specifically designed for small breed pets, and hence this will make your life easier for grooming your fur baby.

The nail clipper has strong and sharp stainless steel blades that will clip the nail in one go so that you spend less time irritating your cat. However, the sharpness accompanied by a thickness requires extra attention of the groomer as slight irresponsibility may deeply cut your pet’s nail.

One of the best things I like about the nail clipper by Pet Republique is its size and grip. The nail clipper is perfectly sized so that it becomes easier to grip and handle the clipper along with handling the cat. Also, the softer grip area provides better stability that is unmatchable with its competitors.

A similar kind of nail clipper has been sold by the brand Shiny Pet; however, the Pet Republique nail clipper has the edge over its competitor because of its size, weight, and grip that provides a stress-free grooming experience both to cat parent and the cat.

Pet Republique does not compromise on the quality of the product and has also been working exceptionally well for pet welfare organizations. Your every purchase will result in a donation for rescued pets which makes it compulsory for us to buy Pet Republique’s products not only because of its high-quality manufacturing but also because of its kind work.

Softer grip
Offers better stability
90 days money-back guarantee
Four years guarantee
Donates 15% of the price for rescued dogs
Blades are not sharp
Thick blades require extra attention.

CleanHouse Pets Dog and Cat Nail Clippers

Prominient Features
Stainless Steel & Sharp blades
Adjustable Guard
Available in different sizes
Dimensions & Weight 6.14 x 2.52 x 0.67 inches & 1.76 ounces

CleanHouse Pets Dog and Cat Nail Clippers

Who would not want to have a nail clipper that not only comes with a lifetime warranty but gives a money-back guarantee even after ten years? Not only that, the product is available at a relatively lower price, and I guess here your search for one of the best and cheap cat clippers ends.

The pet dog and cat nail clipper by CleanHouse is the one I am talking about. The nail clipper has perfect blades, grip, and safety guard.

With cats, one of the biggest challenges is to clip their nails. To make cat grooming slightly easier, all you need is a sharp blade nail clipper with a robust supportive grip, which CleanHouse has provided.

The nail clipper is easy to use because of its safety guards that are built-in and adjustable. With the CleanHouse nail clipper, all you need to do is focus on handling your cat, press the lock and start clipping nails with no worry of deep clipping as the safety guard is there.

The lock, however, is a bit tricky to handle and may shut after every time. Therefore, make sure to press the lock properly so that nail clipping remains easier and stress-free.

The product comes in two sizes, one small and one big. Buy a small-sized CleanHouse nail clipper and enjoy its stainless steel base with a firm and softer grip to make cat clipping easier and more relaxing.

Easy to use
Comfortable grip
Lifetime warranty
Sturdy grip
Requires more force for clipping the nails
The lock is not durable

Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals

Prominient Features
Stainless Steel & Sharp blades
Semi-Circle Edge scissors
Comfortable for Finger rests
Dimensions & Weight 3.74 x 2.56 x 0.59 inches &0.6 ounces

Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals

My cat is so playful that she does not even sit for a second so that I can not groom her and cut her nails. Therefore, when I was required to clip her nails, it was unmanageable to handle my fur baby and cut the nails that always resulted in a deep nail cut of my feline.

The struggle ended when I bought the pet nail clipper for small animals by Shiney Pet. It is one of the best small cat nail clippers because of its semi-circle edges that guarantee the prevention of deep cuts.

The overall nail clipper by Shiney Pet is exceptionally manufactured. It is not only environment-friendly, but it is also super user-friendly that I adore the most. The nail clipper has rubberized handles with finger rests that make nail clipping comfortable and stress-free.

If you are a new feline parent, I suggest you buy the nail clipper by Shiney Pet. The rounded edges assure security but do not cleanly clip the nails if reasonable force is not applied. Hence, for new parents, the Shiney Pet nail clipper is ideal for building trust in yourself for a cat’s nail clipping as it will not instantly cut the nail sharply.

You will also get a detailed instruction Ebook guiding the perfect way to clip your nails and all are available at a very affordable price, so you better not miss this product.

Ergonomic grip
Lifetime money-back guarantee
Environment friendly
Provides complete usage instructions
Ideal for professional as well as at-home use
Blades are too thick
Do not cleanly cut the nails

JOFUYU Cat Nail Clippers and Trimmer

Prominient Features
Stainless Steel & Sharp blades
Rubberized & Anti-Slipped handles
Rests for Finger
Dimensions & Weight 6.5 x 3.5 x 0.35 inches & 1.13 ounces

JOFUYU Cat Nail Clippers and Trimmer

Going to the vet for grooming always puts cats under stress, especially those who do not like meeting any new person. I remember my cat not eating food the entire day I took her to the vet that always made me very upset.

With the JOFUYU cat nail clipper, I have completely stopped visiting the vet for grooming, and trust me; this is one of the best feelings as a feline parent.

The nail clipper by JOFUYU has every feature that makes it the best. Its sharp stainless steel blades ensure nail clipping in one cut that is the most relaxing feeling. Its uniqueness is that although the edges are semi-circled, they are sharp enough to clip the nail easily.

The ergonomic rubberized handle will allow you to hold and grip the clipper easily and provide finger rests so that you cut the nails carefully and no accidental damage happens.

Shower your fur baby, and then cut the nails with a JOFUYU nail clipper that will gently clip the nails. Sometimes the blades do not cut the nail in one go; therefore, I would recommend you to use the clipper after giving a shower to your cat and apply greater force.

Also, if you want a durable nail clipper that lasts longer, has high-quality features, and is affordable as well, then you should definitely go for a JOFUYU nail clipper for cats.

Ergonomic handling
Lifetime money-back guarantee
Clean, precise cut
Single cut clipping
Dull blades

Gorilla Grip Professional Pet Nail Clippers

Prominient Features
Stainless Steel & Sharp blades
Safety guard
Ergonomic handle
Dimensions & Weight 8.03 x 3.43 x 0.91 inches & 5.3 ounces

Gorilla Grip Professional Pet Nail Clippers

Do you have an extremely exciting cat who leaves no stone unturned to prevent you from cutting her nails? Well, if that is the case, buy yourself Gorilla Grip professional pet nail clippers and make your cat grooming time much easier.

The nail clipper by Hills Point has a 3.5mm thick stainless steel blade, sharp enough that it will clip your cat’s nail in one go. The sharp edges are accompanied by a safety lock that will ensure you do not deep clip your fur baby’s nail.

In my opinion, one thing that has the most weightage for becoming the number one nail clipper is the quality of the handle. Hills Point is right on target as it has provided silicon grip, which means a firm, steady grip so that you cut the nail quickly.

However, the design of the blade will demand extra force exertion for one go clipping which customers do not usually like. In my opinion, with all other features, the nail clipper has, the extra force exertion should be compromised as it further reduces accidental chances of the deep cutting.

If you are left-handed, then the nail clipper by Hills Point is one of the best left-handed nail clippers. You can easily grip and press the blades, which is exactly what you might be searching for.

The nail clipper is available in various colors and has a hidden nail file that will give a very soothing and massaging experience to your cat, which she will surely enjoy.

User-friendly design
Easy to hold
Sharp, precise cut
Clean trim
Blades are not sharp
Blades require extra force

Epica #1 Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

Prominient Features
Stainless Steel & Sharp blades
Sharp edges
Rubber Coated handles
Dimensions & Weight 6 x 3.38 x 3.63 inches & 2.4 ounces

Epica #1 Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper

It is rare to find semi-circular blade nail clippers with sharp blades enough to cut the cat’s nails in one go. EPI has manufactured Epica’s # 1 best professional cat nail clipper that provides safety with circular edges and does not compromise the blades’ sharpness.

The nail clipper has a safety mode so that when not using the clipper, you can lock it to prevent kids from using it and causing any damage. The blades are sharp, and hence this safety indeed makes it the number 1 nail clipper.

The cat nail clipper, however, requires a lot of carefulness and safety. The blades are extremely sharp that they might hurt your fur baby if you do not pay extra attention while clipping the nails.

Since cats cause a lot of trouble in grooming them, having comfortable grooming equipment is necessary. With Epica professional nail clippers, you will have a fabulous stress-free nail clipping experience that no other product can match.

The nail clipper has a non-slip rubber coating that provides a secure grip so that your hands are relaxed and the grip is strong enough that the clipper does not slip, and you effortlessly cut your feline’s nails

Non Slippery
Easy to use
Firm grip
Available in different sizes
Cuts precisely
Extremely sharp blades might hurt the cat

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer

Prominient Features
Stainless Steel & Sharp blades
Locking blades
Rubber Coated & Vinyl-Covered handles
Dimensions & Weight0.5 x 2.55 x 10.5 inches & 1.6 ounces

Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer

When selecting a nail clipper, all you need is the safety of your cat and her nails, along with the sharpness of the blades so that the grooming is less stressful and requires less time.

The safari professional stainless steel nail trimmer is one of the best cat clippers you will come across. The nail clipper has all the features that secure grooming and makes it easier, durable, and comfortable for pet owners and the pet.

The nail clipper has circled edges, sharp blades, and locking blades feature, which is all you require. The circular edges will assure security, sharpness will help trim the nails in one go, and the additional locking blades will ultimately protect the deep cut of your cat’s claws.

The vinyl-covered handles will provide you with a firm grip while cutting the nails so that the clipper does not slip or imbalance while controlling your feline.

The only issue I came across with this nail clipper by Coastal pet products is the rustiness that appears after some time that declines the sharpness and niceness of the blade. Still, you will not come across this issue in the initial few years, and therefore, I will recommend you definitely buy this nail clipper if you want to gear up your grooming skills.

• Natural and soap free
• Best for the cats having dry and itchy skin
• Promotes healing and remoisturizing
• Helps in treating tangled and matted fur
• Leaves your cat’s coat smelling good
• Only safe for cats over 6 weeks

H&H Pets Professional Cat Nail Clipper

Prominient Features
Stainless Steel & Sharp blades
Slip-Proof handles
Dimensions & Weight 6.3 x 3.2 x 0.2 inches & 0.63 ounces

H&H Pets Professional Cat Nail Clipper

H&H pets and professional cat nail clipper is one of the cheapest nail clippers with exceptional features. The nail clipper has a sharp blade and is lightweight, ideal for small breed animals such as your cat, making grooming easier.

The star feature of the H&H pets nails clipper is its stainless steel blade which is hypoallergenic. There are cats catching allergies with the most unimaginable things, and therefore, with this product by H&H, a pet parent can at least expect no allergies by nail clippers in their fur babies.

The nail clipper by H&H is simple yet effective. The only issue I have come across with the nail clipper is that it requires a pet parent’s extra attention to firstly make sure that the nail clipper does not deep clean the nail as there is no safety lock. Secondly, the nail clipper requires additional force as otherwise, the nail will not be appropriately clipped.

However, I believe that with the price that H&H has set for this nail clipper, the features are pretty good. All you need to make sure is an extra few minutes for careful clipping, and you are good to go with grooming your cat with the nail clipper.

The best part about the H&H nail clipper is that even though it is the cheapest, it offers a money-back and product-back guarantee, which is rare. Also, with every purchase, you will be helping the brand in donating for the wellbeing of rescued citizens, which I must say we all should be a part of.

Firm grip
60 days money-back guarantee
3-years product warranty
No safeguard feature
Do not cut the nails cleanly

JW Pet Company GripSoft Cat Nail Clippers

Prominient Features
Small & Sharp blades
Non-Slip rubber handle
Shorter length with Semi circle edges
Dimensions & Weight: 5.75 x 0.25 x 4.25 inch & 0.25 ounces

GripSoft Cat Nail Clippers by JW

If you have done cat clipping before, you might have gotten frustrated with the large size of the nail clipper that causes difficulty holding and clipping the nails of small breeds like cats.

Well, the issue has been resolved by the JW Pet company with their grip soft cat nail clipper. The nail clipper is of ideal length and is lightweight, that cat clipping becomes much more manageable.

The semi-circle edges with their unique design ensure that cat claws are clipped precisely, safely, and accurately. The non-slip rubber handle will give you a firm grip over the nail clipper that your overall grooming experience will become stress-free.

The cute small blades of the nail clipper will prevent deep cutting, which means a 100% guarantee of no accidents and pain for your cat; amazing, right?

However, the nail clipper may not be the perfect pick for people with large hands. They will find managing, holding, and gripping this nail clipper by JW pet the most difficult, so before making mind, look at your palm’s size.

If you have small or average-sized palms and looking for a nail clipper easy to manage and hold, do check out the nail clipper by JW Pet. And if you are a new pet parent and will be doing grooming for the first time, then I will definitely recommend you the nail clipper by JW Pet as its small-sized blades will never result in a deep cut.

Clip nails quickly
Firm grip
Safe and precise clipping
Not comfortable for groomers with large hands

Buyers Guide

Here are some features that you should carefully look into while purchasing a nail clipper so that you buy the best cat clippers for nails


Obviously, blades are the first and the most essential feature to look into while buying a nail clipper. Your nail clipper should never have dull blades, as that will make your work for cat grooming more difficult. Always opt for a sharp-bladed nail clipper as that nail clipper will clip the nail with one press that will save time as well as will make grooming timeless irritating for your cat.


Semi-circle edges that are sharp enough must be your ideal pick while purchasing a cat clipper. The semi-circle edges provide deep-cut safety and ensure that you can see your fur baby’s nails. Many semi-circled cat clippers are so dull that you can never succeed in clipping your cat’s nail; hence, while buying this type of clipper, make sure that the blades are fine, aligned, and sharp.


Your nail clipper should not be too long nor too short that you can not hold it properly. For felines, I would never recommend a large nail clipper as that will be challenging for you to handle along with handling your cat. The cat clipper should neither be too short that you can not grip it with your fingers. It should be of average length with slightly shorter blades as cats’ nails are not too long.


Having a firm grip on the cat clipper is the most fundamental factor in doing successful grooming of your cat. Choose a nail clipper with rubber-coated or silicon-coated handles that will give you a solid, comfortable grip. When you have a firm grip on the nail clipper, you will easily and quickly cut the nails without any hassle.

Easy to use

A nail clipper should be easy to use. There shouldn’t be any difficulty pressing the clipper or opening the locks, as you will have time to incorporate these issues while cutting your cat’s nails. Check reviews and ensure that the nail clipper does not demand extra force or its locks are not too loose; otherwise, nail clipping will become a headache for you.

Safety Guards

Always choose a nail clipper that has safety guards in it. A combination of sharp blades with safety guards is the perfect combination and will make cat clipping very easy. If your cat clipper will have sharp edges and does not comprise safety guards, there is a high chance that you will cut a vein while nail clipping as the safety lock will not prevent you from doing so. Cats will cause a lot of disturbance while clipping, and if you do not have a safety lock to enable a cat clipper, your job will get more challenging.


Below are answers to some of the questions that people usually have while buying cat clippers so that you have all the knowledge about nail clippers before the end of this article.

What type of nail clippers are best for cats?

There are different types of nail clippers for cats available. It includes scissors cut, guillotine type, and a normal human nail cutter. The best nail clipper is scissors cut with semi-circle edges for your cats as that will cut the nails safely and quickly.

How often should one cut his cat’s nails?

The least time within which you should trim your cat’s nails again is two weeks. Allowing long nails may cause a lot of issues to your cat and your home stuff. Therefore, I will recommend having a grooming session once every two weeks, either at home or by asking a vet or a groomer.

How much should I trim my cat’s nails?

If you look at your cat’s long claws closely, you will find a hook-shaped claw. Cut the nail till the hook. Do not even go slightly above the hook as that will deep cut the nail and may cause damage to any vein. Ideally, cut below the curve or till the hook for a comfortable clipping experience for your cat.

What happens if you do not trim your cat’s nails?

If you do not trim your cat’s nails, you and your cat both will suffer. For your cat, long nails will form a curve and may grow into the footpad, which causes intense pain. For you, your cats’ long nails will destroy your leather furniture and your wooden flooring, which I don’t think you will ever want.

Final Verdict

Cat nail clippers might look like simple equipment, yet their purchase is very tricky. I hope you have learned about the best available cat nail clippers as all the reviews are based on tested experience and what I have observed myself.

I will recommend Epica #1 Best Professional Pet Nail Clipper as it has all the features that make it the best in business. The blades are semi-circles and sharp and have safety locks with which you can comfortably clip your cat’s nails as there is sharpness along with safety. The rubberized handle will provide you a strong grip and an effortless clipping experience that no other clipper can compete with. The best thing I like about this nail clipper is its blades that are fine enough that your cat will not experience any difficulty.

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