8 Amazing Gift Ideas for Cat Owners

cat gift ideas for cat owners

These are gift ideas for cat owners and cat lovers that are as handy as they are cute.

So, somebody in your life welcomed a new kitten into their house and hearts. This is a good time for you–not just because you are now a kitty aunt or uncle yourself, but you will get a fantastic opportunity to give the best gifts for catowners.

These are some of the best items to get for your new kitten owner’s friends, from the basics to the most quirky toys. And we will not be surprised if they prompt you to become a kitten parent (or foster) yourself!

Toys, Toys, and Even more Toys!

Kitties are naturally mischievous creatures and usually have a ton of energy to burn. Toys are a great gift because they will keep any kitten occupied while giving beneficial (and, indeed, happily precious) bonding time for the kitten with their human.

Kittens will certainly get hours of entertainment out of Interactive Toys because of the thrill of the chase. Just remember that pet moms and dads should always be present during playtime to guarantee their family pet’s security, particularly when it comes to smaller sized kittens.

A Kitten Bed

Kittens need lots of rest, and they’ll require a comfortable pet cat bed to nap in.

They’ll stay cozy as can be in their kitten beds. Materials like synthetic lamb’s wool create heat from that comfortable afternoon nap!

A Cat Frame to Honor Their New Feline

As any pet parent can confirm, one takes about one million photos of their furry babies. Especially when they’re still tiny, it’s probably closer to a billion. While the majority of our images reside on our phones, a picture frame will certainly make sure that the cat’s pictures live in residence too.

A Cat Identification Tag

Even if your friend’s new kitty is microchipped, they still need to have appropriate identification. Cat tags are not just trendy. They’re also useful. Personalized tags and collars are perfect because cat parents can put the cat’s name and a contact number.

A Litter Box

It’s not the prettiest gift on our checklist, but it may merely be the most-needed one: a litter box. For kittens, look for low-front access for them to make their way in effortlessly.

Cleaning up Products

Once again, not the most attractive gift, but a brand-new kitten mom or dad will be glad to have several cleansing materials within their reach.

As felines learn precisely how to become house-trained, it’s inescapable that accidents will happen. There can never be enough cleaners and deodorizers in the house.

A Kitty Card

Are you looking for the perfect way to say congratulations? Cards are an excellent way to show how happy you are for the new kitten mom and dad.

Look for cat-themed cards with witty or heartwarming messages. This way, you are sure to bring a smile to the new cat parent’s face!

Bonus Idea: Nursing Bottle

A nursing set is essential for someone looking after a newborn kitty. Look for feeding bottles made particularly for hand-feeding kittens. This is especially useful for foster parents and any cat parents taking on a kitten!

There you have it! We hope you find one that you can give to your new cat parent friends!

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