5 step to train your bearded dragon

Bearded dragons are intelligent reptiles. While you may be unable to train your dragon to play fetch or come when you call it, you can teach it to be used to your presence. Bearded dragons can be shy and skittish, particularly if they were never managed or socialized with humans in a pet store. [1] To tame and train your bearded dragon, you will have to show it shouldn’t be scared of you or other people. Then you can begin to handle the dragon and feed it by hand

Step By Step Instructions

In this section, we’ll give you detailed instructions on how best to train your beardie. Remember these measures will get the job done, but how it takes depends on these variables: How often you practice How consistently you practice The age of your beardies The “smarts” of your beardies How much you have bonded Note: You may find it hard to train baby bearded dragons (0-6 months), but after this stage, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you follow the steps.

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Bond with Your Bearded Dragon

Skip this step if you have spent some time bonding with your bearded dragon. Feed your dragon out of your hand

  • Manage your dragon
  • Bathe your beardy
  • Play and research from the tank with your bearded dragon

Bonding is vital to this whole procedure.

Without trust, your bearded dragon won’t need to come to you or climb to you.

Consider it: You are an eyes-forward predator more than 20 times the size they are.

Would you want to go right up to something much larger than you?

Pick Training Times

  • Decide on a particular training time at least one time every day.
  • This time shouldn’t be after they have eaten.
  • Your aim should be to get them hungry they need food and are eager to come for you to get it.
  • This cannot be done if they are full and all they need to do is bask.
  • This having been said, do not neglect foods to get them hungrier.
  • Keep them on exactly the exact same feeding schedule: simply add a training schedule ahead.

Lure the Beardy To You with Prey

  • Eliminate your bearded dragon out of its enclosure and put it on a desk or floor close to you.
  • Keep all distractions from the reptile.
  • Holding the prey/worm on your hand, get the beardy’s focus by holding the food where it can see and smell it, but not consume it.
  • When the reptile sees the food, it is going to start to move towards it.
  • Bring your hands back closer to your body and hold the food above where you want the dragon to come to (for some this in their hands or on their knees).
  • When, and only when, the lizard goes where you want it to go, let it consume the food.

Repeat Consistently

Repeat this process for approximately 10 minutes at a time or if the bearded dragon stops eating. Then, you want to repeat these steps for many days again. Doing these practices daily in a row is best, but so long as you do not wait more than two times between clinics, you should be OK.

Lure with Treats

When you’ve practiced before your bearded dragon very comfortably and quickly comes to you with prey, it’s time to switch to the much healthier, but less tasty treats. Don’t be surprised if the bearded dragon is more reluctant after it has been fed the fatty prey food. Give it time, and he’ll come with this too. Repeat this step as you did with the prey food.


We hope you enjoyed learning how to train your bearded dragon to come to you.

At its core, this task is all about building trust and signal association.

Given enough time, consistent practice, and patience, you should have no problems getting this done and impressing your friends with your smart little guy!

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